Conceived, Designed, Manufactured in Texas, United States of America 

Our entire design and manufacturing team is located in Dallas, Texas. We are a team of highly technical know how  industry veterans putting talents together to solve civilian problems in wireless audio systems


We work together every day in our Dallas HQ solving Acoustics, Electronics, Mechanical, and embedded software engineering problems.


Some of our team members have been working side by side, executing world class quality audio products for over a decade.


We've learned to be very realistic about where our expertise lies. Sometimes, to create an amazing product, it's necessary to collaborate with application or technology specific domain experts. 


The most amazing design, when executed/manufactured carelessly, is worthless. The same love that's applied to the engineering design, must be applied to the manufacturing design. 


Kryptic wireless factory has access to the most robust and diversified manufacturing and supply chains infrastructures in human history. 

The culmination of these ideas present krytic wireless an unfair advantage. But, fear not. We use these advantages for good, not evil. 


Our advantage, is your advantage. We strive to be better in every way, every day, in service of you, our treasured customer. 


​From the Kryptic Team.